Manor Property Group is committed to a £1billion investment to establish and fund 160 ground-breaking centres for impartial career guidance (Qdos Career Hubs) and create over 10,000 jobs in the U.K.

We’re working with CDI Members to get your expert opinion on what physical resources and activities are needed most to support the careers education you provide, in your locality.

Each of the 160 nationwide Qdos Career Hubs will provide over 30,000 young people with labour market intelligence-directed career guidance, complementing, not competing, with local careers services… providing employer-driven project-based learning, industry events, virtual business tours… and much more.

This includes Manor:
  1. purchasing land required, plus
  2. capital funding the full design and build and fit out, plus 
  3. revenue funding the Hubs for 2 years, to support long-term sustainability through proof of concept (based on international practice) and independent impact evaluation. (See the Akrill Review for more information).
We want to make the first phase of Qdos Career Hubs operationally available to communities hard hit by unemployment in 2021.

Please help us to direct Manor’s investment where it may have most impact, to support your vital work, by completing this 3-minute questionnaire.

There are 12 questions to complete, please.
Note: You are not required to share any personal information.
Please complete this survey by the 5th February 2020.

1. Do you work in careers education in the U.K.?

2. Which region of the U.K. do you provide careers education services?

3. Where do you provide careers education services?

4. Qdos Career Hubs will provide a permanent high-tech modern work environment, with event space, web conferencing tools, workshops and bespoke activities designed to support regional careers education, using private funding.

What is your first reaction to this service opportunities?

Please explain your answer:

5. Ensuring informed career choices and planning:

What services would you use a Qdos Career Hub for?

Please explain:

6. Do you think the focus of Qdos Career Hubs should be supporting educators with services to the Gatsby National Careers Education Benchmarks?

Please explain your answer

7. How much do you need these service(s)?

Please explain your answer

8. If you had a Qdos Career Hub in your area in 2021, assuming transport to/from school/college is provided, with DBS checked staff, who are you most likely to use the Hub for?

Others? Please specify:

9. In your own words, what are the things that you like most about the Qdos Career Hub?

10. In your own words, what are the things that you would most like to use a Qdos Career Hub to improve or provide?

11. Plans are in progress for Qdos Career Hubs in East Riding of Yorkshire, Birmingham, Nuneaton, Walsall, Dudley and Rotherham.

Are there other areas you’d like to see prioritised for provision of a Qdos Career Hub?

Whatever answer you’ve given, please specify more details on the region you propose would benefit from a Qdos Career Hub, and why:

12. Have you used Manor’s free Qdos Careers App on either Apple or Android platforms?