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Interactive Quizzes / Assessments

There are a range of different interactive quizzes and assessments available. The quizzes and assessments included here are just a few, for you to explore career ideas and the type of jobs that could be right for you.

Note: these give you an idea of the careers and job types that may be suited to you – these are a guide, a starting point for your career search and you should explore other careers options, too.

Many of the jobs that exist now, did not exist when our parents were growing up, and many have changed a great deal. There’s a lot of options to explore….

Buzz Quiz

Take this quick personality quiz to find out which animal you are!

Take the Buzz Quiz

National Career Service Skills assessments

Discover your skills and careers

  • A 5 to 10-minute assessment to find out what job categories, and which particular job roles, might suit you.
  • Skills health check - You can choose to do a number of assessments to help you decide which types of jobs might be right for you.

Skills Assessment

Panjango Career Paths Quiz

The interactive quiz compares your interests with hundreds of job profiles to find the ones that most closely match your interests and personality.

Career Paths Quiz

My Career Springboard

As you complete our career test, we will learn about your personality and recommend industries that we think are suitable for your future career. You’ll then be given the opportunity to explore your career options in more detail.

My Career Springboard


A free, online careers platform, designed to connect 11-18 year olds with their future career potential. Build up a profile of skills, likes and dislikes, to guide on career opportunities. You have the option to create a login or use ‘guest login’ for anonymity.

START Profile

Prospects – national careers guidance providers.

  • Career Planner quiz
    A quiz that matches your skills, motivations and desires to a career that’s perfect for you. You will need to register to start.

  • Job Match Beta
    Answer questions about what you find interesting, rewarding and purposeful and we’ll match you with our job groups containing more than 400 job profiles – see your results in less than 10 minutes. You will need to register to start.
Prospects Quizzes

The Way Up!

A game for students to simulate different graduate career paths to help them make better choices about their future.

Interactive Quiz

Health Careers NHS

Quiz to help you find the health career that’s best suits you. There’s far more to health than being a doctor or nurse and this is a great place to find out about the wider options, too.

Health Careers NHS


Quiz to find out which construction personality type you are. Did you know that the construction industry is a growing digital industry, with wider, well-paid, design, technical and project management roles? Take a look:

GoConstruct Quiz

Need More Help?

If you are at school, college or university, you’ll find that your tutors can help you access more career guidance assessments and independent careers advice. During the partial lockdown, during our COVID-19 pandemic, many of these services are available by phone and online. Try your local education provider or contact the National Careers Service.